Air Charter Services

Private charter flights from Maine to the Carolinas.

Why use a Charter Flight?

Charter Flights have become an important business and personal travel option. When you need Way To Go Aero, Craig will be there to take your call – 24/7. He will personally see to all of the flying details from takeoff to touchdown.

Frequently, it is impossible to travel to many destinations on a commercial flight. In a short time, we can take you places that would require an entire day by airlines. We offer on demand air charters throughout the Northeast. Do you need to depart quickly? We can provide same day service. When you need to go somewhere from Maine to the Carolinas not easily reached any other way, Way To Go Aero can get you there.

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The Benefits of a Charter Flight


Charter flights are usually direct and can save you time and relieve you of the hassle of flying in a commercial plane. And parking is free!


Charter flights tend to be less expensive than commercial flights when flying local. In comparison to the extra fees associated with commercial flights, the price is comparative – without the headaches!


Charter flights do not carry most of the restrictions that are imposed with commercial flights. When booking in advance or close to take-off, Way to Go Aero is always accommodating and flexible to your schedule.

Personal Service:

Enjoy the benefits of a private flight. Hold confidential meetings in flight, work without interruptions, or spend time with your friends and family on your personal charter plane.