Hear from some of our satisfied passengers.

Needing to travel to and from our projects within the Northeastern corridor of the United States. Way to go Aero saves our firm the traffic travel, which in turn provides more efficient onsite time. The commutes are seamless; from pick up to set down and well worth the expense…

Elliott Templeton

I have had the pleasure of being transported by Craig Johnston and his crew many times, and I highly recommend him as a pilot for his experience, professionalism, concern for safety, timeliness, communications Before and during the flight, and his calm, pleasant, reassuring personality.

Our departures have always been on time and our flights smooth, even during less-than-perfect conditions. We will definitely be enlisting his services whenever we have the opportunity.

LeRue Brown

I have been flying with Way To Go Aero for a few years now. Captain Craig is always prompt, greets with you a smile, and ensures you’re comfortable before take-off and during your flight. What impresses me the most about Captain Craig is his focus on safety. He does not take chances or make irresponsible decisions. He provides me with what to expect during the flight, maybe some turbulence, a possible thunder storm we may need to avoid, and anything else I may need to know so that I’m not surprised or alarmed in the air. And in the event a storm pops up or my destination is fogged in, Craig let’s you know he had a plan B already figured in the trip.

Flying with Way To Go Aero has been an absolutely wonderful and relaxing experience.

Dave Liess President/CEO, Bertelsmann Printing Group US

“Comfortable, reliable, and friendly, Way To Go Aero epitomizes the benefits of private charter flights. I have travelled year-round on their refurbished Piper—including last minute accommodation and always arrive stress-free thanks to their can-do attitude and customer-first ethic. I highly recommend Craig and his team to discerning travelers!”

Michael Holtzman

Catherine and I had the most wonderful experience flying with Way To Go Aero. Cathy was scared flying in a small plane. She cannot handle flying commercially and was spooked flying in a 'personal' plane. Well, she was all smiles to and from Hammonton NJ to OC MD. You made me look like a hero, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Your plane was spotless and comfortable. You treated us like royalty. When we got to work today, we both told all of our friends how easy and cool it was to take an "Air Limo." And if it were not for your fair price, we would have never have considered doing such a thing.

I hope to steer a bunch of business your way. I'm a North Jersey guy, born and bred, and I'm always on the look out. This time my luck out worked out beautifully. Thanks again!!!

Collin Brill
Long Valley, NJ

I have been flying with Craig for over 4 years on a regular basis. He remains professional, confident, competent, and respectful during every flight. His plane is clean, comfortable, and he is up to date on his plane's maintenance schedule. He is dependable and always on time. Safety is a priority to me and I always feel safe flying with Craig. There is no better service or transportation than this!

Carol G

I have flown from Florida to Maine with Captain Craig Johnston. He knows his airplane like no other pilot I have observed. I would have Captain Johnston take my family anywhere.

Jim Simpson
Chairman Hanover Shoe Farms